Project Bubbles has once again been rated as the top-selling preschool education resource in Ireland. Thousands of practitioners are using the award-winning resource packs every day to develop their preschool education plans.

The Age 3-4 Resource Pack is leading the way as a cost effective option to help create and implement an education plan consistent with the guidelines set out in Aistear and Siolta.

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Project Bubbles was launched in Ireland in 2007 and is now used in over 1,600 preschool settings. Voted best preschool teaching resource in the UK, Project Bubbles is now available in over 10 countries.

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Here's what users are saying..............

"...this is a great resource. I am pleased that we got it at our setting. The children were totally engaged throughout and continue to be as we have carried the project on. Excellent value, totally facilitating and adaptable. Brilliant."

Judge at the 2008 Practical Preschool Awards

"Project Bubbles is simple to use and our children absolutely love the music and visual resources. I feel I can now really relate my early years curriculum to parents. They are really impressed. We all love it!” Barbara Macken, Managing Director - Rugrats Childcare and Preschool

“Project Bubbles is the best product of its type to come on the market in ages. My colleagues love using it. The huge volume of ideas and activities has been great for planning. We have had so many positive comments from parents” Hazel O'Connor and Claire Tuohy - Lifford Childcare Centre

"Project Bubbles has been a wonderful addition to our creche and preschool centre. The children have responded really well to the activities and games and our staff have thoroughly enjoyed using it. It's been a great help" Suzanne Connolly - Newbridge Family Resource Centre

“We are enjoying using Project Bubbles immensely. The underpinning principles are exactly as they should be and I know that this will be a great success.” Audrey Jameson, RAF Boulmer Nursery