De Barra Publishing 


De Barra Publishing is an award-winning educational publisher specialising in early years education and pre-school products and services.The company produces an extensive range of childcare and pre-school support materials and resources under the Project Bubbles brand.

The inspiration behind the Project Bubbles series was to create a practical everyday resource for childcare practitioners that fully respected the needs of the child, the practitioner and also the child’s family. De Barra’s success has been largely driven by attention to the practical needs of the practitioner, designing easy-to-use resources that support them in the achievement of their goals.

De Barra also manufacuturers and distributes an extensive range of other educational resouces for both children and adults.


De Barra preschool and early year’s resources are available in the UK, Ireland, Germany,Turkey, Spain, South Africa, the Middle East and China.