Our Awards

In September 2008 Project Bubbles was voted the best pre-school educational resource in the UK at the annual Practical Preschool Awards in London. The award was presented to De Barra Publishing by leading UK child Psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer. Project Bubbles was assessed in different settings in the UK and results were conclusive - it was a resource that the judges all thought excellent, gaining it the overall Best Educational Resource Award with a score of 97%.

Project Bubbles was a finalist in the 2009 NMT Nursery Awards in the category of Nursery Supplier/Innovator.This category is awarded to the nursery supply company that has in the view of the judges, brought to the nursery industry the most exciting, important and new product innovation over the past two years.

De Barra Publishing was also a finalist in the 2007 Shell LIve Wire Awards

Project Bubbles has been developed with the assistance of the European Regional Develoment Fund and as part of the National Development Plan 2007-2013 


Pictured left to right are John Qunilivan, Carrie-Anne Barry and Chris Barry (De Barra Publishing)