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Resource Pack Age 3-4
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This award-winning resource pack is available in two formats: Online and Physical Pack . The pack contains a practitioner's guide with hundreds of group and individual activities, games, stories, songs and poems as well as observation, assessment and planning tools. The pack also includes colourful posters, flash cards, character puppets and a music and sounds CD. It's a huge collection of 100's of  practical ideas with audio and visual resources to help nurseries and all adults caring for young children.  

It's also available as an online edition for use on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  - Click here for more information about buying the online edition 

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Age 3-4 Resource Pack Contents
  • 300 page Nursery Practitioner's Guide
  • 11 large colourful posters
  • 45 Large flash cards (with real photographic images)
  • 5 character puppets – Patrick, Molly, Eddie, Max and Tina!
  • Music and Sounds CD – original Project Bubbles music, classical music and everyday sounds of the world
  • 9 full colour books with individual activities for the child

3-4 Resource Pack

Age 3-4 - Unit 1 - "My New Friends"

Play-based activities and games to learn the following

Download Getting to know the parts of the body - Getting to know the preschool - Identifying the season of autumn - Discovering hard and soft - Drawing vertical lines - Aquiring spatial awareness: Inside and Outside - Differentiating between Big and Small - Getting to know the circle - Understanding the number one - Recognising the colour red

Growing Up

Download Dressing, Clean hands, Working together - value story – Cooperation – “Rescuing the Lost Car”

Let's Play
Download Moving, Sensing, Creating, Singing –“This is my Body” song, Speaking – poem, Story “My New Friends”
Monthly Reflection and Group Discussion tools for the practitioner

Age 3-4 – Unit 6 - “Looking After the Garden”

Play-based activities and games to learn the following

Download Discovering Springtime – Differentiating between objects based on their texture – clothes used in spring – Discovering plants and flowers – creating patterns of two elements – comparing Tall and Short – Using the quantities from one to three – writing the number two – drawing diagonal lines in both directions – distinguishing the colours red, yellow, blue and green

Play-based activities about .......Growing Up

Download Plant life cycle – value story – respecting nature “Be careful where you Walk”

Let's Play

Download Moving – Creating – Performing – Watching – Singing “The Bumble Bee Rap” song – Speaking; poems, stories.

Monthly Reflection and discussion tools for the Practitioner


3-4 Resource Pack

Customer Testimonials

“We are enjoying using Project Bubbles immensely.  The underpinning principles are exactly as they should be and I know that this will be a great success.” 

Audrey Jameson, RAF Boulmer Nursery

“Project Bubbles is the best preschool product to come on the market in years. My colleagues and I love using it.  The huge volume of ideas and activities has been great for planning. We have had so many positive comments from parents”

Hazel O'Connor and Claire Tuohy - Lifford Childcare Centre


£ 199.95