SÍOLTA / AISTEAR and Project Bubbles

Síolta is a Framework for Early Childhood Education in Ireland. For practitioners who wish to participate in the ECCE scheme, adherence to the standards of SÍOLTA is reccommended. Project Bubbles is an excellent resource to help practitioners meet the standards of Síolta. Already used in over 1,800 nurseries and pre-schools, Project Bubbles helps the user in a variety of practical ways.

In particular, for the following Síolta standards, Project Bubbles gives practical benefits to allow the practitioner work towards meeting the standard and demonstrate good practice:

  • Curriculum
  • Play
  • Parents and Families 
  • Rights of the child
  • Planning and evaluation


Síolta Standard 7 – Curriculum

“Encouraging each child's holistic development and learning requires the implementation of a verifiable, broad-based, documented and flexible curriculum or programme”

The hundreds of award-winning, play-based activities, games, stories and songs are clearly presented to help the practitioner plan their curriculum and show parents, preschool officers or other authorities exactly what they are doing.  Project Bubbles transfers knowledge to the practitioner to help them ‘plan and do’ activities, games, stories and songs all linked to age-appropriate learning objectives.

The practitioner can pick and chose which themes and learning objectives they wish use thus ensuring flexibility. For this reason, Project Bubbles is used in all types of early years setting including playschools, Montessori, High-Scope, crèches and nurseries.


Síolta Standard 6 - Play

“Promoting play requires that each child has ample time to engage in freely available and accessible, developmentally appropriate and well-resourced opportunities for exploration, creativity and 'meaning making' in the company of other children, with participating and supportive adults and alone, where appropriate”

Above all, Project Bubbles is based on the concept of learning through play.  All of the activities, games, stories and songs are designed to be age-appropriate, stimulating and fun both for groups and individuals

Síolta Standard 3 - Parents and Families

“Valuing and involving parents and families requires a proactive partnership approach evidenced by a range of clearly stated, accessible and implemented processes, policies and procedures”

The home is the first place of learning and parents and families should be respected as primary educators of the young child. Project Bubbles is the only resource that supports communication with parents and families. It does this by giving the practitioner practical tools and materials to demonstrate their early year's education programme.

The practitioner can choose to share the Project Bubbles programme objectives, music and visual resources with parents to enable them better understand the learning objectives for their child.

By receiving consistent information on policies and learning programmes, parents can participate in and support the practitioner in delivery of a quality preschool programme.


Síolta Standard 1 - Rights of the Child

“Ensuring that each child's rights are met requires that she/he is enabled to exercise choice and to use initiative as an active participant and partner in her/his own development and learning”

Project Bubbles recognises that children are competent learners and helps the practitioner with an extensive collection of ideas and activities to stimulate the child and facilitate their creativity and natural sense of exploration. 

Síolta Standard 8: Planning and Evaluation

“Enriching and informing all aspects of practice within the setting requires cycles of observation, planning, action and evaluation, undertaken on a regular basis”
Project Bubbles helps the practitioner plan, implement and sustain their play-based education programme on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

To ensure quality is maintained, Project Bubbles features monthly reflection and group discussion tools to help the practitioner consistently review and evaluate the success of their curriculum.

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Aistear and Project Bubbles

Aistear is the new curriculum framework for all children from birth to six years across the range of early childhood settings in Ireland. It provides information, ideas and suggestions to help you support children's learning and development in these early years.
Aistear is not a documented curriculum. Practitioners will still be required to plan, create and implement their own early years education activities. Project Bubbles Resource Packs are Ireland’s favourite resource for preschool curriculum planning and will fully support the practitioner following the Aistear guidelines.
Aistear has four elements:
  • Principles and Themes describes children's learning and development
  • Guidelines for Good Practice focuses on partnerships with parents, interactions, play and assessment
  • User Guide gives practical information about using the Framework
  • Key Messages summarises important points from research used in developing Aistear.
Aistear was developed in partnership with the early childhood sector and supports many other developments including Síolta, The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education (2006), the Child Care (Pre-School) Regulations (2006) and the Primary School Curriculum (1999).
Where can I get a copy of Aistear?
Aistear has not been published in hard copy, however it can be read or downloaded from the website of the National Council for Curriculum Asessment
To find out how Project Bubbles can assist practitioners follow the Aistear guidelines contact 065 6833066 or e-mail